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Root Canal in Houston Texas

Root Canal in Houston Texas

If you have a tooth that is painful when you eat something that is hot or cold, you may have a tooth that needs to have a root canal treatment. If this is the case, you can come to see us at West Houston Endodontics will you will be treated by one of our top-notch endodontists, including Dr. Tracy M. Clark. Getting a root canal in Houston Texas can be an extremely successful way to save a tooth, however, there are reasons why a root canal treatment can fail.

During a root canal in Houston Texas, all infected and damaged pulp will be removed from the center of your tooth. The tooth and its root canal system will then be thoroughly cleaned and sealed to prevent reinfection. However, there are things that can happen along the way which can cause a root canal treatment to fail. Sometimes the tooth may actually fracture or split after the treatment. Other times, there can be infection in the tooth or root canal that is extremely resistant to antibiotic treatment. Or, the seal in the root canal can fail; this will allow bacteria to reenter the root canal system and infection will recur. Some other common causes of failed root canals include the fact that a patient does not get a dental crown or other dental restoration in time to keep bacteria from reentering the tooth. If our endodontist sees that the root canal treatment has failed, you may be a good candidate for getting an endodontic retreatment at our office. This is actually a repeat of the root canal treatment, but instead of tooth pulp being removed, our endodontist will remove the old root canal filling material, and start over with effective root canal therapy. Once your tooth has successfully healed from root canal treatment or endodontic retreatment, there is no reason why your tooth will not last as long as any other tooth in your mouth.

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