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Tanglewood endodontist

Tanglewood endodontist

If you need a root canal, it’s imperative that you get the necessary procedures completed as soon as possible. Not only are root canal infections incredibly painful, but the infection can easily spread, compromising your entire tooth or spreading to nearby teeth. If you need the help of a Tanglewood endodontist that can provide you with a wide range of root canal services, then you can get the care you need right here at West Houston Endodontics.

When there is a root canal infection present, the first course of action is usually root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a surgical procedure that aims to salvage as much of the affected tooth as possible. Endodontic treatment is needed when the pulp, or the soft tissue inside the root canal, becomes inflamed or infected, which can be incredibly painful. The infection can have a variety of causes, including deep decay, repeated dental procedures on the infected tooth, or even a crack or chip in the tooth as well. As soon as you begin to experience oral pain, it’s important that you seek out the help of an endodontist as soon as you can. Here at West Houston Endodontics, our Tanglewood endodontist will assess a situation and provide you with the necessary procedures. In general, root canal therapy is the first procedure attempted, and if it is on successful there are additional procedures that can be implemented such as apicoectomies until the infection is gone and your tooth has recovered.

Your dental health is important, so addressing issues like root canal infections as soon as possible can help to restore your dental health now will also preserving it for the future. If you are experiencing any kinds of oral pain or if you have been diagnosed with a root canal infection, please call us here at West Houston Endodontics to learn more about our services and what our Tanglewood endodontist can do for you here at our offices.

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