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Tanglewood endodontist

Tanglewood endodontist

If you are looking for an expert endodontist, we know that you will be happy with the treatment and care you receive at our West Houston Endodontics practice. Our Tanglewood endodontist can provide you with a complete range of endodontic services; just one of our top-notch endodontist is Dr. Tracy M. Clark.

The comfort and safety of our patients is always our number one concern. We are very pleased to have a state-of-the-art office which allows us to provide our patients with the most modern treatments, using the latest equipment. This also means that our patients will be able to have endodontic treatments performed while they remain perfectly comfortable. We also offer sedation dentistry. The procedure most commonly performed by our Tanglewood endodontist is a root canal. If you have a tooth which has infected or damaged pulp in its interior, it can only be saved using a root canal treatment. Infection can occur in many different ways. Sometimes there is decay which has finally reached the center of the tooth. Other times the tooth can become damaged and the pulp begins to break down and decay is formed. In any event, if a damaged tooth does not have a root canal treatment, the tooth will eventually fall out or need to be extracted due to infection and pain being experienced by the patient. Other treatments that we routinely provide are endodontic retreatments to redo the work that is performed during an unsuccessful root canal. Root canals can be unsuccessful for many different reasons including the fact that a protective cap was not properly placed over the tooth, or was not provided in a timely manner. Another common endodontic procedure is an apicoectomy. This procedure, also called root end resection, removes infection from the root tip and surrounding tissue. We also offer treatment for cracked teeth to prevent tooth loss. At our practice, we offer digital x-rays and microscopic technology. Our endodontist also treats traumatic injuries such as dislodged and avulsed teeth.

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