Endodontist in Eldridge

Endodontic office in Eldridge

Endodontist in Eldridge

Endodontist in Eldridge

When you need the specialized care that we provide here at West Houston Endodontics, you can depend on the benefits of expertise and experience that our endodontist in Eldridge brings to your treatment. From root canal treatment to addressing cracked or dislodged teeth, and everything in-between, we’re committed to helping you keep your natural teeth strong and healthy.

Root canal treatment has a bad reputation, but as done by our endodontist in Eldridge, you can rest assured that it will be comfortable and smooth, done with the most advanced methods and equipment. Most patients report little or even no pain during the process, and the procedure has an impressive success rate of over 90%. For those root canals that fall in the other close to 10%, endodontic retreatment can be done, which increases the overall likelihood that your tooth can be rescued from having to be extracted, which is always our goal. Another procedure that is utilized for failed root canals is called an apicoectomy or a root end resection. It is a surgical method of cutting the gum and removing the underlying infection and inflamed tissue along with the root tip. Again, it is essential that such a surgical procedure be done by someone like our endodontist in Eldridge, a specialist who has done it many times. Other valuable services include taking care of traumatic injuries, including teeth that are cracked, dislodged, and avulsed (meaning they have come completely out of their socket). With prompt attention, such teeth can be saved, so time is of the essence in getting to our office. Do not hesitate to act quickly. We even provide sedation dentistry so if you’re anxious or fearful of being treated, it can be done without any undue emotional concern.

While it’s not ideal to need root canal treatment or other endodontic services, when the effects of tooth decay, accidents, or injuries cause you to suffer tooth problems, you can count on us to do the required work and keep you comfortable and at ease.

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