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West Houston endodontics

West Houston endodontics

Do you need to have root canal therapy or other endodontic dental care? If so, you will want to come to our expert and highly regarded endodontic practice, West Houston Endodontics. When you need West Houston endodontics care, you can do no better than to come into our practice to be seen by one of our fine endodontic dentists.

At our practice, our expert endodontists are: Dr. Tracy M. Clark and Dr. Armando R. Mejia. Our longstanding endodontist, Dr. William a. Walker III, has recently retired. Patients are able to come to our endodontic practice for many different types of endodontic treatment. The most well-known endodontic treatment is root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is performed for one reason only – to save the life of a tooth. If the interior of a tooth becomes infected or damaged by decay or infection, a root canal treatment must be performed if the tooth is to be saved. During a root canal treatment, the infected pulp from the inside of the tooth will be removed. Then the entire root canal system will be cleaned. Finally, the tooth will be sealed so that no infection will be able to enter the tooth again. If a tooth is infected in this manner, it will never get better by itself. However, a West Houston endodontics treatment of root canal therapy will be able to save the tooth in over 90% of cases.

In the times when a root canal treatment is not successful, a patient may be encouraged to have endodontic retreatment. Our endodontist will be able to determine whether or not this procedure is likely to be successful. When our dentist has a chance to examine the tooth, he will be able to determine the odds of this type of treatment solving the problem once and for all. At our practice we also are able to provide treatment of cracked teeth, as well as help patients who have had traumatic injuries to teeth. If you have an accident where a tooth is knocked out of your mouth, you will want to try to retrieve the tooth and bring it into our practice with you. You will want to immediately contact our office and you will receive emergency instructions over the phone on how to transport the tooth. When this happens, time is of the essence, and will play a role in whether or not the tooth can be saved. For an appointment to see our dentist for West Houston endodontics treatment, contact us today. If you are calling us with a dental emergency be sure to let our office staff know so that they will be able to provide you with an immediate appointment.

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