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West Houston endodontist

West Houston endodontist

Root canal therapy, which is commonly referred to simply as a “root canal,” has come a long way. Gone are the days when it was something that everyone would dread. The reality today is that root canal therapy is the solution for your pain, not the cause of it. At West Houston Endodontics, our West Houston endodontist will ensure that you as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Many patients feel little if any discomfort during a root canal as modern techniques and equipment streamline the process and make it something you don’t have to feel anxious about.

Essentially, root canal therapy becomes necessary when your tooth’s pulp becomes infected. But how and why does this happen? Most commonly, it is due to the effects of tooth decay, a deep filling, or a cracked or chipped tooth. All of these circumstances allow bacteria to have access to the root area of your tooth where the pulp is. As a preventative measure, the best way is to brush and floss daily and make sure to have a dental exam with x-rays and a cleaning twice per year. But even the most diligent patient can end up needing root canal therapy. You’ll most likely know when you experience the most obvious symptoms that are linked to an infection in your tooth’s pulp. You will probably feel pain, often severe, when you try to chew with the tooth. It may also be highly sensitive to very hot or cold beverages. Other signs can include tooth discoloration or tender gums. Any of the above symptoms mean you should call us and schedule an exam with our West Houston endodontist.

You will receive a local anesthetic beforehand to ensure that you feel little or no pain at all during your root canal therapy. Access to the pulp is achieved by drilling the top of the tooth. The nerve and the injured pulp are removed, the area is cleaned of any debris, and medicine is added to prevent the chances of any re-infection. Typically, more than one session is required to complete the work. You will have a temporary crown placed to protect the tooth in between appointments with our West Houston endodontist. A permanent crown will come after the root canal therapy is done.

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